Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bad Beginning

As we begin our adventure, we'll start off with the title, The Bad Beginning, like Lemony Snicket's first book in the Series of Unfortunate Events. This is completely satirical considering that I am obliviously happy and couldn't have had a better beginning if I tried. 

I offer you a grand welcome to the first post of (hopefully) many of "The Decker's Whimsical Quagmire" Blog. You have entered the realm of Newly Weds, Hannah & Ryan Decker. I, Hannah, will be your narrator through the good times and bad.

The purpose of this blog is to record the days of our lives for our posterity, as well as for family far and wide... I've also heard that writing is therapeutic for one's soul.

Moving on, visit whenever you please, and stay as long as you wish. You can't wear out your welcome here.

Goodbye for now.

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